Solar mounting structures are the backbone of any Solar PV plant installation. They provide the necessary support to the Solar Modules against environmental attacks like rains, cyclones and dust storms. Mounting can be done on a variety of surfaces like RCC roofs, Galvenium sheets, Asbestos sheets and ground.

The module mounting structure is designed for holding a suitable number of modules in series on a rooftop. The frames and supporting structures are made of galvanised Steel post, hot dip galvanised material of suitable sections of Angle, Channel, Tubes or any other sections conforming to meet the design criteria. All fasteners considered for fastening modules with this structure are of very good quality of Stainless Steel. The array structure is designed in such a way that it will occupy minimum space without sacrificing the output from SPV panels at the same time.

Monitoring System shall be an integral part of our solar installation. The system also enables diagnostic and monitoring all components. The following parameters shall be measured, displayed and recorded/logged in SCADA.

- Minute, Daily, Monthly& Annual Parameter of the solar system power plant.

- Solar system temperature and Ambient temperature

- Solar irradiation/isolation

- AC and DC side voltage and currents & Power factor on AC side

- Total Current Harmonics distortion in the AC side

- Total Voltage Harmonic distortion in AC side

- Efficiency of the inverter and system efficiency