Solar Optimisers

Solar Optimizer:

A solar optimizer is a DC to DC converter technology developed to maximize the energy harvest  from solar photovoltaic or wind turbine systems. They do this by individually tuning the performance of the panel or wind turbine through maximum power point tracking, and optionally tuning the output to match the performance of the string inverter. Power optimizers are especially useful when the performance of the power generating components in a distributed system will vary widely, such as due to differences in equipment, shading of light or wind, or being installed facing different directions or widely separated locations.

Why Optimizer is Important for Solar Projects:

·         Solar Installations particularly those on rooftops can lose 25-30% over the lifetime due to mismatched modules

·         Non Uniform degradation and shading are two major causes .

·         It is expensive and required effort to find root causes for problems for distributed installations.

·         Lack of visibility hampers identification of issue. Losses multiply due to delayed corrective action

Functionality of Optimizers:

·         Optimizer is a DC to DC device installed between modules and inverter

·         8 modules (4 channels of 2 modules each) connect into Optimizer - which independently manages each set of 2 at their MPP point

·         Drawing out maximum possible DC power and feeding into inverter.

·         Embedded software contains intelligence to programmatically control  energy packets.

·         Cloud based application software organizes and analyses data and  produces actionable intelligence.

Benefits of Optimizers:

·         Minimized mismatch losses

·         Use of partial shaded rooftop areas

·         New or retrofit, complete project or partial installation  No restrictions – any inverter, any modules

·         Flexibility in installation – plug & play

·         Future proof against technology changes