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Centrifugal pump can only pump the water which is available at the eye of the impeller; this happens when the suction is positive but in case of Negative suction the pump may or may not suck the water. In such a case the pump is primed (i.e. liquid is filled in the pump from the delivery side from the available liquid level to the eye of the impeller or till the delivery side of the pump. Every time it is not possible to prime the pump manually so an auto priming system is required to avoid the pump from dry running.

An Autoprime system is a portable system attached to the pump which removes the air from the suction, creating a vacuum and suck the water up to the centrifugal pump impeller eye. 

These systems have wide array of Applications as follows:

  • Ground water control 
  • Well point dewatering
  • Sewage over pumping 
  • Flood relief 
  • Pipe relining 
  • Mine Dewatering
  • Industrial sludge pumping
  • Tank sediment clearing   
  • Marine ballasting 
  • Emergency dewatering services