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While centrifugal pumps excel at transferring liquids, they struggle with negative suction, making them unsuitable for directly tackling flooded areas. This is where VEMC's expertise in dewatering comes in.

We offer KBL pumps equipped with innovative auto-priming systems. These portable attachments eliminate air from the pump's suction line, creating a powerful vacuum that can draw floodwater up to the pump's impeller. This self-priming capability makes them ideal for various dewatering applications, including:

  • Flood Relief: Quickly remove floodwater from basements, streets, and other submerged areas.
  • Wellpoint Dewatering: Effectively lower groundwater levels in construction sites or around building foundations.
  • Emergency Dewatering Services: Respond swiftly to unexpected flooding situations.


    These systems find extensive applications, including:
    • Groundwater control
    • Wellpoint dewatering
    • Sewage over-pumping
    • Flood relief
    • Pipe relining support
    • Mine dewatering
    • Industrial sludge pumping
    • Tank sediment clearing
    • Marine ballasting
    • Emergency dewatering services