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Customised Panel'


  • Total protection against Electrical malfunctioning like overload, reverse phase, single phase, high current etc.
  • Incoming Control & Total Protection with MCCB / MPCB / MCB / SFU / HRC Fuses
  • Separate Chambers for Power Bus / Cable Alleys
  • Total Isolation from Control / Starter Feeders, Wireless connectivity available


  • Power Panels - Regulating the power Distribution of power to the individual systems according to their needs in industries/ manufacturing units/  pumping stations/grids.
  • Annunciation Panel - For alarming any malfunctioning and providing live status of various parameters in Generator System, Automation Systems, Fire Systems, Substation Control Room etc.
  • AMF Panel - Make the power switch to emergency standby g


  • Switchgear from L&T / Schneider Electric / Siemens
  • Auto operation based on Level & Differential Pressure by PLC-VFD PID & Differential Pressure Transmitter or Pressure Switch