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KVM Vertical Multi Stage Pump'

Kirloskar Vertical Multi-stage pump (KVM) is specially designed for use in RO plants for pumping water at high pressure across the membranes to deliver potable and safe drinking water. Being the heart of the RO plant, KVM is built with components that do not deteriorate with time and ensure reliable operations. It is also highly efficient, compact, and lightweight, thus enabling space-saving and ease of integration in the plant. The pump is available in various sizes depending on its concerned application in the RO plant. KVM can also be used for pressure boosting, firefighting, industrial washing, air conditioning.


Technical Specifications

Head Range : Upto 175 Meters

 Discharge Range : Upto 6 m³/hr

 Power Rating : Upto 2.2 kW (3HP)

 Voltage Range : 180 to 240 Volts (Single Phase) 300 to 440 Volts (Three Phase)

 Insulation : F Class

 Protection : IP 44

 pH Value : 5 - 8.5



1) Pressure boosting and lifting water in apartments and bungalows

 2) Irrigation

 3) Firefighting systems and washing systems

 4) Air conditioner, cooling system, and industrial cleaning