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Lowest Lifecycle Cost (LLC) Pump '

Kirloskar Lowest Lifecycle Cost (LLCTM) Pump reduce energy consumption, thus increasing the overall efficiency of the pumps. Lowest Lifecycle Cost (LLCTM) Pump series especially focuses on energy consumption and maintenance cost of the pumps. It is beneficial to evaluate the life cycle cost of a pump to compare the available pumping system while making buying decisions. The LLC pumps save additional energy cost and effectively reduce the degradation cost. The distinctive range of LLC pumps helps sustain efficiency over a longer period of time and comprises a low life cycle cost as compared to the conventional pumps. The cumulative reduction in energy consumption directly aids cost-saving and therefore increases the profitability of the organisation. The LLC pump users derive the benefit of guaranteed performance in a sustainable manner over the life cycle of the pump.

• Water Supply
• Effluent Treatment Plant
• Industrial Utility Services
• Cooling Tower Circulation
• Sea-water Handling
• Desalination Plants

• Made as per customer requirement

• Mechanical seal
• Corrosion resistant shaft
• Reduces carbon footprint
• Cost-effective solution
• Low energy consumption
• Externally removable bearing house