High Pressure Piston Compressors'

ELGi’s exclusive PET compressor range is ideally suited for PET blowing application which operates with one or more PET blowing machines and offer a low cost of ownership and very high UPTIME. The compressors are designed for operator and plant safety with OSHA standards with twin sided belt guard,sealed safety valves as the compressors operate at higher pressures. ELGi offers these compressors with a host of ELGi ‘Airmate’ downstream accessories such as Pre and after filters,oil and moisture separators,refrigerant dryers and vertical air receivers designed to ASME standards.


  •  Cast iron cylinders and cylinder heads
  •  Aluminium pistons with piston rings
  •  Strong and robust crank case
  •  Precise and sophisticated suction valves with unloader and delivery valves
  •  3 piece forged crank shaft and forged connecting rods
  •  High quality ball bearings and roller bearings