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Pressure Booster System/ Hydro-Pneumatic System/ HYPN System'

What is a pressure boosting hydropneumatic pump (HYPN) system?

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) hydropneumatic pump system is an intelligent water supply solution, specially designed to fulfill changing water demands at constant pressure. The pressure boosting hydropneumatic pump (HYPN) system is the automated version of a traditional pumping system. VEMC is an authorized dealer of KBL pressure boosting hydropneumatic pumps.

While maintaining a constant temperature, the Kirloskar hydropneumatic system minimizes unnecessary activity by pumps when there is zero water flow, thereby increasing how efficiently your pumps run.

KBLs pressure boosting technology combines a wide range of pumps such as inline, end suction, split case and VT pump.

Advantages of KBL hydropneumatic pump (HYPN) system:

  • Water and energy optimization
  • Customized configuration
  • High-performing
  • Easy to maintain
  • Designed with superior technology
  • Highly durable
  • Cost efficient

Applications include:

  • Tank filling system from underground to overhead
  • Water supply to residential and commercial buildings
  • Water transfer between storage tanks
  • Bottling plants and industrial applications across textiles, processes, power, automobile, steel and more
  • Water supply schemes for municipal corporation
  • Irrigation and gardening

Types of HYPN systems include:

  • Constant Speed System - FX
  • For tank-filling water transfer, residential housing, small-size commercial and residential buildings

  • Cascade system - MX (Only 1 VFD common to all pumps)
  • For medium-size commercial and residential buildings, demand-based industrial applications

  • All Pump VFD system - EX ( all pumps each with an individual VFD)
  • For townships, hospitals, airports, malls, metros, demand-based industrial applications


  • Pumps: Long and short coupled pumps, single and double suction pumps, vertical inline single and multi-stage pumps
  • Motors: EFF2, EFF1 and Higher Efficient
  • Control Panel: Wall and floor-mounted panels
  • Energy Saving and Efficiency Sustainable Coatings: Glass flake coating on pumps, valves, tanks, pipes and more.
  • Accessories: Skid (Suction and Discharge header, NRVs, Isolating Valves, Pressure Switch/ Pressure Transmitter), Pressurised tank, Solenoid valves, Float switches