Tamper Proof Kinetic Air Valve'


Kinetic air valves are commonly used in air venting/air admission services in water pipelines. Performance of a kinetic air valve is severely affected by tampering the valve with an external mechanism. Tamper proof Kinetic Air Valves provide longer service life and cost effective maintenance. With cast iron body, cover and cowl it has a pressure rating of PN 1.0-1.6.


Double Orifice Type (Small and large orifice), kinetic type Single air valve Non clogging and self sealing balls for trouble free operation Totally tamper proof kinetic air valve series available. Suited for turbid or clear water sewage; releasing air when water mains are being filled and admitting air while being emptied. Cuts loss of water when water mains are full Releasing air accumulated under pressure in pipe during normal conditions.


Water Supply Lines / Distribution Lines Clear Water and sewage applications


Manufacturing Standard : IS 14845 Size Range: 50 to 200 mm Pressure Ratings : PN6, PN10, PN16, PN 20