Swing Check Type Multidoor Reflux'


These valves are very useful in preventing back flow of water to the pump. These valves have minimum head loss and can be very competitive in terms of long service life. These valves are very useful in waterworks pipelines to reduce hammer effect. Non slam and quick closing characteristics have made this product a very demandable one across markets.


Swing check type design Rigid and sturdy design with minimum head loss Long service life and leak-tightness of high order Suitable for clear water having turibidity upto 3000 o ppm and temperature of 65 Centigrade (rubber to o bronze / stainless steel seating) and upto 95 Centigrade (Bronze/ bronze, stainless steel / stainless steel seating


Used in waterworks piplines to reduce water hammer effect Preventing back flow of water to the pump


Manufacturing Standard BS 5153 (EN 12334) / IS 5312 Part 1 & 2 Size Range 40 to 1500 mm Pressure Ratings PN6, PN10, PN16 End Connection Flanged