Why Go For KirloSmart?

Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming all sectors of the economy. IoT-based smart devices can keep track of parameters by being perpetually connected through the internet. Kirloskar Brothers Limited has the distinction of bringing IoT into pumping. With IoT coming into the picture, pumping has become convenient, sophisticated, and highly efficient. Let’s take a look at why KirloSmart is a peek into the future of pumping and why you should go for it.

KirloSmart is a glowing symbol of KBL’s commitment to engineering excellence. However, with KirloSmart the excellence rests in the sophisticated software this time rather than their hardware technology. The software that comes in the form of a mobile app as well as a web-based portal can be used to keep track of the pumping parameters such as flow, pressure, voltage, frequency, vibrations etc. The smart sensors present in the pump transmit continuous signals whose readings can be accessed through the web portal or the app remotely on your laptop, tab, mobile phone etc.

A very important feature of KirloSmart is its ability to send alerts in case of a breakdown or malfunction. It can send alerts through SMS, email or mobile push notifications. This comes in handy, especially in large facilities, where keeping track of every pump can be a daunting task. Once KirloSmart is in place, you can simply avoid the hassles of regular inspections, physical monitoring and instead redirect the effort towards more critical tasks. Another important aspect is the ability to predict malfunction based on past data trends. This is an incredible feature that can avoid breakdown maintenance costs and halting operations on one hand while enhancing plant safety and reliability on the other. Once you receive an alert about an increased risk of a breakdown, you can assign a technician well in time, thus avoiding the crisis altogether. KirloSmart can significantly contribute to enhancing the operational efficiency as well as the lifespan of your pumps.

KirloSmart has outdone the conventional SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. This is because SCADA demands the around-the-clock presence of well-trained and dedicated personnel, which is not required in the case of KirloSmart.

KirloSmart has also turned out to be quite helpful during the Covid-19 pandemic. The pumps can be monitored remotely without having to go for physical inspections. This is a feature that customers will continue to benefit from, even in the post-pandemic world. KirloSmart guarantees customer convenience and once again reiterates KBL’s customer-centric business philosophy.

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