Why Air Compressor Dryers Are Essential

Air Compressor

Atmospheric air always contains a certain amount of moisture. When this air goes through rapid pressure changes through a compressor, this moisture precipitates as a condensate. This can be potentially harmful not just to your air compressor itself but also to your business operations. Moisture in your food processing or packaging business can encourage the growth of microorganisms, thus causing spoilage and quality concerns. Moisture also speeds up the process of corrosion in metallic parts leading to higher repair and maintenance costs. Vemc Is The Leading Air Compressor Dealer In Mumbai.

In This Blog, We Explain Why Air Compressor Dryers Are Essential And Which Type Of Compressors Suit Your Needs The Best:

  • The Need To Dry Compressed Air:

When air is compressed, the water vapour condenses and starts flowing into the pipes. The point at which the vapours start condensing is called Pressure Dew Point (PDP). This can cause serious issues with pipes and the connected equipment over a period of time, and thus the compressed air needs to be dried. This can be achieved by using either an integrated aftercooler or standalone drying equipment. 

Whether you use an aftercooler or augment your compressor with a standalone dryer depends entirely upon your business requirement. VEMC as the top Elgi Compressor Dealer in Mumbai can provide you with all the relevant information and also supply the equipment as per your need. 

  • Two Main Dryer Types:

As any compressor dealer in Mumbai will brief you, two main types of compressed air dryers are available in the market. Which one you choose depends upon your need, budget and business application.

  1. Refrigerant Dryers

This is one of the most cost-effective solutions to your problems. A refrigerant dryer provides air drying through cooling (as the name suggests). By cooling the air intensely, these dryers try to achieve the dew point at temperatures between 2-10 (C). This makes them highly energy efficient. Besides, the refrigerant gases used in equipment these days are more sustainable and environment-friendly. Get in touch with your nearest Elgi compressor dealer in Mumbai to know whether refrigerant dryers are right for your business operations.

  1. Desiccant/Adsorption Dryers

These air dryers are slightly expensive but at the same time more energy efficient and effective in removing moisture from the air. These work through a chemical process which binds to the moist air and removes it. These dryers can attain dew point at temperatures as low as -40(C). 


Following the right procedures to dispose of condensate is necessary for your business as well as the environment. The moisture often contains tiny oil particles invisible to the naked eye. These need to be removed using an oil/water separator. Otherwise, you could incur fines or penalties for violating environmental guidelines.

For more information on Elgi reciprocating compressors or drying your compressed air, feel free to call us at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in. VEMC is the leading Elgi air compressor dealer in Mumbai and can help you tackle your air drying issues effectively.