What are the Different Types of Fire Fighting Pumps?

A fire can be a terrible hazard in any industry. At a power station, taking measures to prevent one as well as being prepared to deal with one in the event that it occurs, is absolutely crucial. Installing fire fighting pumps is an effective way to combat such a hazard. A fire pump is part of a sprinkler system’s water supply. It is powered by steam, electricity or diesel. Let’s examine some of the different types of fire fighting pumps that you can choose from, for your power station.

Sprinkler Pump

The sprinkler pump is commonly used to irrigate plants and greenery in gardens, and also to prevent fires. In a fire sprinkler system, the fire pump is an essential component. It provides access to high-pressure water in the fire sprinkler system, which serves to increase the rate of the flow of water. The sprinkler pump is a popular method of fire prevention in factories and power stations.

Booster Pump

The booster pump machine is part of another system to fight and suppress fires. A booster pump will increase the pressure of a fluid, which may be liquids or even gases, depending on its construction. A gas booster is much like a gas compressor but is usually built with a simpler mechanism, often with only a single stage of compression. This is used to increase the pressure of a gas which is already above the ambient pressure.

Jockey Pump

A jockey pump, also called a pressure-maintenance pump, is a small device that works with a fire pump in a fire fighting sprinkler system. It is designed in such a way that it keeps the pressure in the system raised at a certain level when the system is not in use, so that the fire pump does not have to run all the time and the system does not get set off without actual cause for alarm. The jockey pump helps make sure that your fire fighting resources are used efficiently, without wastage.

Drencher Pump

The drencher pump is another part of a fire fighting system which consists of water heads. Unlike sprinklers, which are built internally, drenchers are usually placed on the outside of a building to protect against a fire which may have broken out in a nearby building. Drencher pumps are found above windows, roofs and other exterior openings.

Water Curtain Pump

The water curtain pump is part of a water curtain system — another active fire fighting system. As the name suggests, a water curtain system forms a curtain of water in the event of a fire, to prevent the flames, heat or smoke from spreading further. A water curtain pump is connected to the nozzle of this system through a deluge valve. When fire or smoke is detected, a signal will be sent to the deluge valve to open up and switch on the pump. This will cause water to come gushing in and reach the nozzles and help put out the fire.

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