VEMC – one of the Best Inline, Vertical, Horizontal Multistage Pumps Dealers in India

Water pumps are common machines that we found around us. They used for different purposes. From industrial to domestic purposes, different types of water pumps are produced by pump manufacturers. These pumping machines have wide applications. Generally, we find two common types of water pumps. One is a centrifugal pump and another one is a multistage pump. Both centrifugal and multistage pumps have different variants. For example, you would find Multistage Centrifugal Pumps, which possess mechanisms of both centrifugal and multistage pumps. Depending upon the position of impellers, pumps are generally called as either horizontal pumps or vertical pumps.

Industrial Pumps at VEMC

Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company is one of the leading dealers for industrial pumps in Mumbai. It also supplies domestic pumps to the marketplace. The company has more than 60 years’ of experience in dealing with different pumping machines. It offers arrays of industrial pumps, including both centrifugal and multistage pumps. Different multistage pumps have different areas of applications. Some of the pumping machines deal with water as a fluid, while other types of pumps deal with non water fluids, like crude oil, petroleum oil, etc. VEMC is one of the most trusted dealers for supplying pumps in the marketplace.

Different Multistage Pumps

The VEMC offers different types of Vertical Multistage Pumps and horizontal multistage pumps. Here is a quick look at some of the products offered by this company:

  • RKB:
    RKB is a multistage centrifugal pump, having features like horizontal impellers, vertical delivery and side suction. This pump comes with a diffuser type casing. To ensure robust performance, the product comes with anti friction bearings. The pump has been designed to suit with electric motors. This type of advanced pumping machine has wide applications. It can be used as fire fighting pump machine, booster service pump, etc. For dewatering boiler feed and various other industrial purposes, this pump has been used significantly. The pumping machine has the delivery size of around 250 MM capacity.

  • CF Pump:
    This multistage pump features modular construction. They are generally found in mechanically sealed mode or gland packed mode. This type of pumping machine has been used for different industrial domains, like petroleum refining process, boiler feed, air conditioning, chemical processing engineering, and many more. CF pump from VEMC features high end energy efficiency with durable performance. This type of pump does not need regular maintenance services. It remains in top notch condition even after long wearing and tearing.

Apart from these, the VEMC also supplies Vertical Inline Multistage Pump that has been specifically required by different industrial domains. VEMC is one of leading pump dealers in Mumbai, known for its professional services. VEMC is one of the trusted dealers of Kirloskar water pumps in Mumbai. Kirloskar pumps are considered finest pumping machines. This is one of the leading pump manufacturers in India, and VEMC features different ranges of Kirloskar pumps at the most affordable rates.

Apart from being a pumping machine dealer, we also provide services to our customers for servicing of the machine or repairing of the pumps.

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