Variable Frequency Drives Control Panel – Uses and Benefits

A Variable Frequency Control Panel is used to control the speed of the electric motor and feed pump. These are widely used in drilling, pumping, and applications like conveyors and compressors. VFD panels use the frequency of the voltage applied, to alter the speed of the motors which provides very effective control due to constant flux density.

Most of the industrial applications require variable speeds at peak load conditions and constant speeds at normal operating conditions. In this blog, let’s look at the uses and benefits of VFDs.

  1. Power Switching and Protection: In case of any fault such as short-circuit or overload, a VFD panel holds a circuit breaker or a trip, which not only protects the drive but also the equipment connected to it.
  1. Saves Energy: In times of skyrocketing energy costs, a great amount of energy can be conserved when the motors are operated at variable speeds as per the requirement of the operation. Constant motor speed irrespective of the operation will naturally lead to wastage of energy and pile up the bills.
  1. Limits Starting Current: A VFD delivers low frequency when starting the motor due to which the motor draws less current which never exceeds its nominal rating.  In the absence of a VFD, a motor can draw up to 6 to 8 times more than the nominal current required while starting.
  1. Closed Loop Controlling: This is one of the greatest benefits of a VFD. Closed-loop working of VFDs maintains the speed of the motor at a constant level, even in case of input and load disturbances.
  1. Visual Control: VFDs have a number of field indicators installed to gain real-time information about their power consumption, frequency, and other diagnostic information. This is essential for the operator who may shift the frequency or take precautionary measures based on the monitored values.
  1. Smooth Operation: A VFD helps provide smooth operation especially when starting or stopping a motor. It also reduces the thermal and mechanical stress on motors and belt drives.
  1. High Power Factor: In-built power factor correction circuit in a VFD excludes the need for additional power correction devices. Low power factor results in poor utilization of power due to high reactive losses.
  1. Easy installation and maintenance: Pre-programmed VFDs are easy to install, connect and maintain. VFDs do however require protection from the environment as dirt or chemical accumulation may affect their lifespan.

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