A Guide To Select The Best Water Pump For Industrial Use In India

We need water for a variety of essential purposes — whether it is to cook, wash, clean, or perform industrial functions. This water comes to us from the source through a pump. When you are buying a water pump, there are a number of factors to consider before identifying the right kind for your application. Before we look at what these different factors are, watch this video to get an idea about how to select a water pump:


Flow rate

Given in cubic metres per hour (m3/h) or litres per minute (l/min), the flow rate of the pump measures its efficiency, that is, how much water it can pump out within a certain period of time. For industrial applications, this flow rate should ideally be on the higher side, of at least 2000 litres per minute. Another reason that the flow rate is so important is that it determines the daily energy consumption as well as the durability of the pump. The lower the flow rate, the higher the energy consumed due to more prolonged usage.

Discharge head

The total height of the discharge pipe which is known as the discharge head, as well as the height from where the water is pumped, are further aspects to consider when choosing the water pump. If you need to pump the water from a significant height, make sure that you choose a higher discharge head. Additionally, the suction head capacity will determine the depth of the water being pumped.


The size of the inlet facilitates the correct flow of the water. Too small an inlet will create friction and a subsequent loss on the pump system. So, be careful that you choose a good-sized inlet for optimal water flow and pump performance.

Water quality

It is necessary to keep in mind that different water pumps and motors, such as trash pumps and dewatering pumps, are built to work with different kinds of water. Trash pumps transfer dirty water quickly while the latter kind moves clean water between locations. When you choose a water pump for your needs, it must fit the specific purpose you require it for and should not be used inappropriately.

Pump quality

Just as the quality of the water that goes into the pump must be suitable, you must also consider the quality of the pump itself. For the maximum efficiency and compatibility, select a pump from a reputed brand and do not compromise on its quality and design. A good quality pump will last much longer, cost much less to maintain, and will consume less energy in the long run. Kirloskar is a trusted name in the industry and would be a safe bet.

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