Some Important Facts About Vertical Inline Pumps

Clean water is important to everyone and there has to be a way to make sure that there will be water that is fit to drink. Most of us take the concept of clean water for granted, yet there are many people for whom it is a luxury and this should not be the case. As the consequences of using dirty water can be serious, it is vital that as many people as possible can always access clean water. Many industries require clean water that can pump at a higher pressure than most people need, and they include:

  • Food and drink companies as items always need to be cleaned and cooked
  • Fire fighters – A small tickle is not going to put out a large fire
  • Agricultural workers who will want to make sure that they can always keep the crops and animals hydrated.

When there needs to be higher pressure used, a vertical multistage pump can be called into action. There are two types of pump and they are:

  • Extended shaft pump – The drive shaft is the piece of equipment that has the pump attached to it. This version is smaller and more cost effective.
  • Close coupled pump – A rigid coupling attaches the pump to the IEC electric motor. The advantage of this version is that there is no need to drain the pump or undo pipework when replacing interchangeable motors.

A vertical inline pump works in a different way to a suction pump and takes up less space once it has been installed. They tend to be used to circulate water and are ideal when the water has to be pressurized. They can be produced to use in business and residential buildings where they are used for hot and chilled water depending on what is required at the time.

The lack of space that is needed is one of the major benefits and another is a simple way that the piping is set up. There is no need for the pipes to alter direction the way that they have to with suction pumps. There are however a few small disadvantages and that is that in the first case the weight is based on a small area underneath the casing. Secondly, leaks gather at the casing leading to the metal corroding rather than being removed in the way that a horizontal suction pump can do.

Types of Vertical Inline Pumps

Most pumps can work as an in-line pump and can be used for many reasons. Farmers can use them to take water from their source of water to the crops. Municipalities also find a use for them as they can boost water pressure to the homes furthest away from the treatment plant. Homes and businesses will regularly use these pumps to provide hot water through the circulatory system or chilled water when that is required. They will be small version, but larger ones can be produced, and it will be refineries and the like that will be purchasing them.

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