Application of split casing pumps in various industrial utility

Split casing pumps are growing a lot in popularity in all possible industries due to the multiple advantages like small size that takes up less space, easy repairs without removing its rotating element or bothering the electric motor or piping, longer life and most importantly efficiency. Horizontal split casing pumps are most widely used so here are a few industrial applications of them.

Irrigation Industry: These pumps being very useful for high flow water pumping find high utility in the processes involving irrigation. The pumps are required for a wide range of applications like water intake from the source, water treatment to make it free from all sorts of unnecessary particles and water distribution through sprinklers, drippers etc.

Firefighting: They are an integral part of the firefighting mechanism being a part of the sprinklers which are powered by electricity, diesel or steam. They can be single stage or multistage as per requirements. Portable pumps are also available to be installed on firefighting vehicles.

Petroleum Industry: Petrol pump. The name says it all. Split casing pumps are the most basic components of a petrol pump to provide the required fuel.

Paper Manufacturing Plant: The utility of these horizontal split casing pumps in petroleum refineries is to enable charged and dirty liquids to be processed without the need for fine filtration. This process is dubbed to be one of the most demanding technical processes.

Sugar Factories: The pumps used in the sugar industries are designed primarily to ensure smooth and reliable operation of the transport of solid laden fluids and slurries as required in the production of sugar. Vacuum pumps are also installed to remove gas content in the medium so that the fluid is conveyed without any difficulties.

Textile Mills: Pumps find widespread applications in this industry with processes ranging from getting rid of wastewater or sewage sludge and transport of bleaching dyestuff to flocculating agents and PVC pastes. They are specifically designed for each process for metering high accuracy and hassle free maintenance.

Steel plant for high pressure injection: Certain acids are used in the steel manufacturing process and sealless pumps with suction chambers are used to transport acid from storage to tank farm.

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