6 Things to Ask Solar Consultant

It is really important to let your guards down and learn everything about solar panels before you plan to get one for your residential or commercial space. Well, having a direct chat with solar consultants might be your guide over here. As they are associated with this field for a pretty long time, you can expect to get quality responses to all your queries. So, let’s learn about the 6 things that you should primarily ask your consultant, especially from Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company (VEMC).

1.Don’t forget to ask about the Financial Options:

Can you benefit from that tax credit? Does the solar energy consultant have any lease option or competitive loan by his side for the clients? Most companies will push for the Power Purchase Agreement. It will make your solar contractor the electric company. It means you are not going to own the system and just need to pay for the power it produces for your place. But, the solar contractor has every right to raise the rates. That’s why another loan or leasing program with a 0 down and 0 increase guarantee is always important for most customers.

2. Ask to check their design centre:

If you want, the consultant can sees the company’s design centre or operation office. Avoid letting them meet you at your place. You need to know more about the company and its precise workflow because you proceed further and get panels from their sides. When you have experienced groups like Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company (VEMC), you don’t have to worry much. With 72 years of experience, you can expect only the best from this source!

3. Ask for expansion of solar energy system in future:

This is another interesting point for you to jot down whenever you are dealing with the solar panel consultant for your queries. Ask them if they can expand the current solar system later if the need arises. With some countries becoming less dependent on fossil fuel, the consumers need to know if they can create a larger system in the near future for accommodating the power needed for their devices.

4. Ask more about the panels:

You should ask the consultant about the solar panels they are planning to install at your place. Always remember that not all panels are the same. Some are more durable and efficient than others. Experienced companies like Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company (VEMC) are able to produce around 75% more energy over the course of their working period. So, always research the panels through one third-party source to ensure that the products will last long.

5. Ask about the benefits of working with them:

There must be some benefits involved while working with a local solar contractor over a national brand. So, do ask about those benefits before you get yourself involved with their solar panels. Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company (VEMC) is one ISO 9001:2015 certified firm and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering items, allied equipment, and all the necessary services. This company is CRISIL MSE-1 rated. They are known to present strategic expansion and consistency throughout for providing excellence in service, quality of product, and leadership. So, working with this team will save you a lot of money and time!

6. Ask if moving towards solar panel is a good call for you:

Well, the answer to such a question can be a complex one. It depends on multiple physical factors. How much are you currently paying on your electric bill? How much shade does your roof actually get? Why are you looking for solar panels? Is it because of the financial benefits or anything else? Make sure to get these questions answered first before you can opt for the solar panels.

Get help from Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company (VEMC):

If you are currently eyeing the most affordable solar panel system cost and panels that are designed to last long, then Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company (VEMC) is your name. VEMC Solar presents end-to-end solutions, starting from selecting the right set-up kin to the final selection of best Opex or Capex models. So, you can trust this team for getting all your solar panel queries answered.