VEMC are authorized as Kirloskar spare parts dealer in India. We supply Spare parts of all types of pumps like Impellers, Mechanical seal, Pump casing, Pump shaft, Shaft sleeve, Liquid deflectors, Gasket, Casing ring, Shoulder ring, Lock washer, O Ring, Bearing housing (DE) & Bearing housing (NDE), Wear ring, Lantern ring, Gland Packing, Bearing cover.

Kirloskar Genuine Pump Spares


Fast Reliable and single source delivery
Ensures Optimum pump performance
Inventory Management
  • Reduce Inventory costs
  • Optimizes stock level
  • Free up staff from stock management
  • Release stocks space for other uses

Use of Original spare parts ensure
  • Increased parts life time
  • Longer meantime between repairs
  • More reliable operations
  • Fewer unexpected failure
  • Reduce Life cycle cost