Solar Inverters


Solar Power inverter is the heart of any Solar Power plant. Solar power inverters have special functions adapted for use with photovoltaic arrays other than DC to AC power conversion, like maximum power point tracking, System monitoring and anti-islanding protection.

There are various types of inverter are used in photovoltaic systems. Inverters are distinguished according to the inverter operation, voltage and current control scheme. In most cases due to some advantages in gridconnected inverters, current control scheme is applied. Advantages are higher power factor, better transient current suppression; short circuit current is limited to rated AC current. The Grid connected inverter range is state of the art equipment with robust control platform, high efficiency, high availability, low maintenance features built with quality components.

Solar inverters types:


Stand-alone inverters

Stand alone inverters are used in isolated systems where the inverter draws its DC energy from batteries charged by photovoltaic arrays.


Grid-tie inverters

Grid tie inverters are designed to operate in Synchronism with the Utility grid. They are designed to shut down automatically upon loss of utility supply, for safety reasons. Solar grid tie inverters are used for net metering purposes.


Hybrid inverters

Hybrid inverters are designed to draw energy from a battery, manage the battery charge via an onboard charger, and export excess energy to the utility grid. This is a combination of both standalone and Grid-tie inverters and can be used for net metering purposes.

Energy Audit

We lay high emphasis on energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources. With this objective in mind, we have started with energy audits to conserve and save energy by carrying out Performance Measurement of Pumps and Motors. This shall help clients adopt best methods to reduce electricity consumption and enhance energy efficiency.Our Energy Audit team will analyze your energy systems and provide a superior analysis on your current electricity and thermal consumption and annual energy spend. This would also include specific energy savings proposals along with the associated repayment period of current energy related debt. We offer the following services:Walk Through Energy AuditComprehensive and Detailed Energy Audit Monitoring of Energy Efficiency Projects (Includes undertaking, implementation and project monitoring). Through our Corrocoat and Energy Audit services, it is our endeavor to develop a "No Cost and Low Cost" culture. Our focus is to implement measures that can give tangible results to our clients be it in terms of cash or in terms of increased productivity. The crux of these services lies in redesigning the production cycles to reduce energy consumption and achieve higher efficiency.

Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

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  • Overhauling: Overhauling services for various pump-sets.