Non Rising Spindle Gate

Non Rising Spindle Gate

These valves are available in non rising as well as rising spindle type suitable for clear water up to 450 C. These valves are designed with total compliance with applicable design and testing standards. All designs are validated for stress analysis. Sluice valves find wide application in water works, water/effluent/sewage treatment plants.

Rigid and sturdy design Low pressure loss across the valve Suitable for clear water up to 45 C and 5000 ppm turbidity, other fluids with maximum pressure / temperature conditions within the scope of IS:14846 Long service life and leak-tightness even after thousands of open / close cycles

Water works Water / Effluent / Sewage treatment plants Fire Fighting Power

Manufacturing Standard - BS 5163 / IS14846 Size Range 32 to 1500mm Pressure Ratings PN10, PN16 End Connection Flanged