MS Type

MS Type

The Non-Clog Submersible Pump Line addresses applications where large solid particles are present in the pumped fluid. These Stainless Steel Wet End, Vortex-style, Recessed-Impeller pumps are ideal for corrosive/abrasive applications in the marine, food screening, concrete and waste water treatment industries.

2.5 inch -solid Handling Capability Aluminum, Cast-iron or Stainless Steel Versions Built-in automatic ON/OFF/ON Thermisters for motor protection Moisture Sensor that detects progressive seal wear and automatically shuts down the pump Replaceable Nitrile Rubber-Lined Wear Plate optimizes efficiency throughout the life of the pump Sacrificial Zinc Anodes for maximum life in a saline fluid environment Continuous rated 'H' Class; triple-dipped and epoxied heavy-duty Motors available in any voltage/ frequency combinations


AVAILABLE IN ALL 304/316 STAINLESS STEEL 6 HP, 8 HP and 10 HP Versions