Vertical Turbine Pumps

Vertical Turbine Pumps

Theses pumps are constructed rigidly to ensure vibration free operation. Hydraulic design is being updated with our continuous R&D efforts to meet requirements of higher efficiency and lower submergence, taking care of other parameters such as, high reliability and optimum system design.

Vibration-free performance Low submergence No priming required Dry pit/Wet pit arrangement available Direct drive/Right angle gear drive Impeller pull-out/Non-pull-out Bowl pull-out/Non-pull-out Gland packed / Mechanical seal 50Hz / 60Hz availability

Water supply Pumps Irrigation Pumps Cooling tower Thermal and Nuclear power plants Steel, Cement industries Refineries Sea water on off-shore platforms Condensate extraction Fire fighting Pumps Flood control Dry Docks

Delivery size up to 2200 mm Capacity up to 40,000 m3 /hr Head up to 200 m